The new year is always a chance for a fresh start, whether it’s in career, relationships, or health. So if being healthier is in one of your new year’s resolutions, we give you these diets to follow based on a panel summary of 23 nutrition experts from the US. A surprising fact is that none of the 10 most-Googled diets of 2018 is present in the top spots. And no, the ketogenic diet is not even in the top 10 diets to follow. Keep in mind that the list below doesn’t focus on best diet for weight loss, but more on overall health. The top three results include the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and the flexitarian diet, which we will explain further below. Are you ready for the best diet of 2019? Scroll down!


Mediterranean diet

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It’s no surprise that the Mediterranean diet comes out on top. It not only wins top spot in the best overall diet category, but it also won best diet category for diabetes, a healthy heart, and plant-based diet. Best of all? It won top spot in the category of easiest diet to follow as well. It has been consistently researched for its benefits for healthy heart, better brain power, and longer life—on top of other health benefits. The Mediterranean diet focuses on healthy fats like salmon and olive oil, as well as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and dairy.

DASH diet

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The DASH diet was ranked number one best diet for seven years straight until last year. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, so the name kind of says it all. It is quite similar to the Mediterranean diet, but it limits overall fat intake by encouraging the consumption of lean meat and low- or non-fat dairy. It also emphasises on reducing sodium intake as it focuses on a healthy heart. So, meat lovers: be aware of the danger of too much sodium.

Flexitarian diet

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I guess by now you can see a pattern here: all of the best diets seem to lean to more plant-based food, and the flexitarian diet is no different. It is basically a lifestyle that encourages people to become more vegan, yet still enjoy occasional meat consumption. Being a vegan is no easy task, with complete restrictions of meat, fish, and all animal-derived food and clothing, so starting with a flexitarian diet may be the right choice. And also, there are no clear-cut rules or recommended numbers of calories in this diet, so for those who prefer a flexible lifestyle, here you go!

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